Insan Cendekia Summit 2011

Welcome to Insan Cendekia Summit 2011

A country’s excellence depends on the quality of its human resources. The excellent and competitive human resource trait will throw a huge added value into a country’s growth.

Several infrastructures, to which the aforementioned matters are related, are going to be needed, one of which is education. Human resource expansion through education can be achieved through promoting science mastering among people.

However, education could not and must not stand alone in this strive of excellence, thorough understanding and implementation of religion teaching must be installed correctly on the core of education in order to produce human resources with good manner, pious, trustworthy, and other good qualities. By doing so, the process of obtaining scientific values and knowledge on education will thoughtfully bring advantages for mankind good.

Insan Cendekia Summit 2011 aims to give wider and deeper perspective on balancing science-faith aspects within education performance. Education must support no dichotomy on that matter.

Insan Cendekia Summit 2011 will be promoting three sub-themes:

“Excel as a country through science and knowledge”
The importance of science and knowledge for producing excellent and competitive human resource, prepared for global competition.

“Excel country’s culture values through religion”
The importance of thorough understanding and implementation of religion to excel education process and progress.

“Excel Science-Faith balance”
The importance of mastering science side-by-side with thorough understanding and implementation of religion.

Broadens perspective on the importance of education with balancing science and thorough understanding of religion

  • Promotes the expansion of education communities
  • Promotes trend spreading on new innovation of education

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